Archive of 2014 – 67th Session

Attorney General Ahn-Tho Vu, Lt. Governor Rosie Clifton and Governor Mbiye Kosanga receive congratulations (left to right)

Key Office Holders

Governor Mbiye Kosanga

Lt. Governor Rosie Clifton

Attorney General Ahn-Tho Vu

The Virginia Girl

Monday, June 16 – Friday, June 20


The 67th Session of Virginia Girls State is made possible in part, due to the generous contributions from these organizations.

Highlighted Photo Gallery

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Celebrating 40 years at Longwood University!

Girls State Objectives

We are a non-partisan program with the following objectives:

  • To develop civic leadership and pride in American citizenship.
  • To arouse a keen interest in the detailed study of our government.
  • To develop in the citizens a determination to maintain our form of government, primarily by bringing them to the realization of how great it is to be an American.
  • To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the Community, State and Nation.