Important Information about Virginia Girls State

If you contacted us recently and have not had a response, please get in touch again. We sorted the problem. Thanks!

How to Apply

  1. Using the map below, locate your hometown or high school to determine your district.
  2. Contact the registrar of your district via email for the rest of the application process. Each district has a unique process so be sure to contact the correct registrar.

District Contact Name Email
First & Second Anne Starke
Third Cheryl Shine
Fourth Suzzann Pittman
Fifth & Sixth Sallie Rossman
Seventh & Eighth Joan Joyce
Ninth & Tenth Sallie Rossman
Eleventh Martha O’Brien
Twelfth Ginny James
Thirteenth Kathy Smith
Fourteenth & Fifteenth Pearl Klingebiel
Sixteenth Marcia Wheatley
Seventeenth Loretta Smith